Tight Hips? You Need Jessamyn Stanley's Hanumanasana Prep

Every yogi can melt hip tension with this Monkey Pose sequence (with mods!) from the yoga teacher, body-positive advocate, and Instagram star.

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What you’ve heard is true: Our hips hold all the stress and fear that naturally comes up in our daily lives. But recommend Hanumanasana to unwind that tension, and some yogis bow out. Because—splits? No way. But stick with us for for a minute.

With a few tweaks, Monkey Pose can be accessible to everyone. Here, North Carolina-based teacher, body-positive advocate, and Instagram star Jessamyn Stanley breaks down the pose to help out tight hips. "Along with strengthening the body in standing poses, this sequence gives you the chance to open the hips, quads, and hamstrings in preparation for Hanumanasana," says Stanley. "Hold each pose for 3 to 5 breaths on each side, maintaining a steady Ujjayi Breath throughout."