Kino MacGregor's 4-Step Get-Your-Handstand Plan

Use these four steps to guide your practice, build inner strength, and nail the coveted pose. Go get it!

Kino MacGregor has a plan for you: Use these four simple steps to guide your practice, build inner strength, and nail the coveted pose. Go get it.

It took me five years of practice before I could do a Handstand. I was not naturally strong. I was never a dancer or a gymnast. It's all about practice.

Yoga is personal. Only you can choose to turn your mind inward and experience the deepest truth. No one can walk your path for you. There is a humility that can only be cultivated over years of getting on the mat and putting in the work. There's no substitute for listening to that quiet voice of strength that says I will stay the course and keep the faith—no matter how long it takes, through good days and bad, with tenacity, focus, patience, sincerity, and joy.

4 Steps to Handstand