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Maroon 5’s Grounding On-the-Road Yoga Sequence

Traveling? Take a cue from these experts at practicing in transit with 11 poses to center you anywhere.
Downward Dog

Traveling? Take a cue from this band who have become experts at practicing in transit with 11 poses to center you wherever you are.

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has long been a loud and proud yogi, but to find out more about the practice behind the band’s Jagger-like moves, we turned to teacher Chad Dennis, who travels with the band on tour. Yoga, Dennis says, is the one “sutra (thread) of familiarity” on the road for Maroon 5. “The scenery, people, languages, hotels, planes, etc., are in a constant state of flux. This can easily pull people off their center,” he says. “Yoga, for the band as well as myself, is the one ritual that creates a sense of home, grounding, and stillness.”

Spending so much time on buses, Dennis stresses, makes it especially important to get grounded whenever possible. He prioritizes his practice first thing each morning, but says the band members all have their own personal preferences, so he teaches each one of them individually. Levine, for example, prefers to practice at another very specific time: “We always do yoga right before he goes onstage,” Dennis says. “It gets him very calm yet very focused and energized.”

Since Dennis teaches each band member privately, he’s able to target each practice to their unique personalities and needs on any given day. He's always striving to help them achieve balance, so the sessions sometimes skew toward stimulating and other times toward restorative. But that said, there are some routine differences in how he teaches different band members. “For instance, Jesse [Carmichael] really gravitates toward a more deep alignment style—holding postures for longer periods of time,” he says. “Adam’s nature, on the other hand, is more like a hummingbird—he doesn’t like to stop. For him we lean more toward intelligent alignment-oriented vinyasa and the primary series of Ashtanga.”

Have a trip planned? Take a practice cue from these road warriors and try Dennis’s sequence to undo the physical and emotional effects of travel.

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