Daily Practice Challenge: A Poetic Flow for Meaningful Movement

Infuse each asana with an empowering affirmation to fully embody the qualities of each pose both physically and mentally. Practiced daily, this sequence may repattern your mind, body, and spirit.

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This sequence is designed to flow poetically, inspiring you to move with a higher purpose. Through this entire sequence, an echoing affirmation will assign more meaning to your movement from one pose to the next. You will recalibrate your mind and body, as you recite the poem with either your audible or internal voice. From time to time, we have to battle the war within and this sequence is a weapon for inner combat.

If you practice this sequence for a week, you may notice an increase in awareness, confidence, self-respect, a sense of clarity and physical and mental strength. The beauty of this sequence is that it reminds the practitioner to embody the characteristics that service you through asana. Practicing this way can help you let go of uncertainty in your life. Maybe it’s a fear of public speaking—repeating the affirmations audibly is a good practice.

The Poetic Flow

Use this poem to take you through the sequence, embodying it both physically and mentally, as you repeat the designated portion of it with each pose.

I embody the strength of a mountain,
I am a warrior too,
I reverse my path back to harmony,
I extend myself to peace,
I rise like an eagle peaceful and free.
I can only see half of the moon,
But like Jiva, this is the immortal essence of living.
I reassign my energy and bow to a better me. ©

Be patient with your body to avoid and prevent injuries.