Start Your Day With This Energizing Morning Practice

A dynamic sequence to help you wake up and face the day.
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The majority of us sleep in a curled-up position and have a tendency to remain in one spot for most of the night. This dynamic morning practice is meant to unravel all the stiffness that sleep delivers. It includes thigh stretches and side stretches, shoulder openers, and backbends—which will help give you an added energy boost. 

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You'll begin with Sun Salutations. These moving meditations are a perfect way to welcome the day, follow your breath, and stretch your body. Sun Salutes help me open my shoulders and stretch my hamstrings, while also building my core, arm, and back muscles each morning. 

Use this practice to wake up and enter the rest of your day with your best foot forward. Keep a strap or towel handy in case you feel stiff in your shoulders and could use a prop.