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5 Poses to Help You Recognize Your Strength

Odds are you have overcome incredible obstacles—all of which have made you stronger. This sequence is designed to help you celebrate that strength.
Salabhasana, Locust Pose, Self-love

It can be difficult to recognize your own strength, and have the courage to show yourself love. This yoga sequence was designed to help you celebrate your innate power.

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How often do we doubt ourselves? How often do we get overwhelmed by life and its many challenges, forgetting all that we have already made it through? How often do we feel out of control, when really, the power to change is in our hands?

You don’t have to feel that way anymore. Because the truth is, if you’ve gotten this far, you can do anything.

You see, you are a survivor. A warrior. There is no one else in this entire world that has been through all of the things that you have experienced. Every challenge you have faced has fortified you, preparing you for whatever lies ahead. Each battle wound can serve as a reminder of just how strong you are.

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When you view yourself from a lens of compassion, you’ll feel seen. When you can recognize your own unique experiences and all the obstacles you’ve overcome, you’ll feel strong. And when you have your own back, you’re unstoppable!

Self-love takes courage. It‘s learning to honor and appreciate every single piece of who you are—the good, the bad, the messy. It is about becoming your own biggest cheerleader, coach, and fan. It is about accepting yourself as you are in this moment and yet also having a willingness to grow.

This 5-Pose sequence will help you bear witness to just how strong you are: