5 Poses to Help You Stand in Your Own Power

This home practice will help you transform your limiting beliefs into confidence.
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Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana II (Big Toe Grip Pose II)

Learning the art of marrying self-love and power can be transformational when it comes to manifesting the life you want. This home practice will help you be more comfortable in your skin and step into your own innate power.

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There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to self-love. One of those is mistaking self-love for egoism. A lot of people assume that loving ourselves must mean being cocky or selfish, but that’s not true! To love oneself is to be comfortable in who you are. It means no longer doubting your potential. Self-love is standing in your power so that you can create the life you seek.

Have you ever set a goal and fulfilled it? Have you ever worked toward a vision that came to fruition? We are “powerful beyond measure” as spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson says. We are the architects of our dreams! So why do we doubt ourselves? It is easy to forget all we’ve accomplished and our limitless potential when we get bounced around like pinballs by the external circumstances of life. If we can remember just how powerful we are, and if we can stand confidently in that power, we can create any life we imagine.

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For this to happen, we must identify our limiting beliefs. We hear this word a lot today in personal development and spiritual circles. “Limiting beliefs” are critical thoughts, negative self-talk, and old belief systems we have about ourselves or the world. They arise when we doubt our potential. Man, can they ever feel like reality, but I promise you, they are not! They are just fears.

If you can label and recognize limiting beliefs as fears rather than reality, you’ll be better prepared to combat them. You’ll start to understand that the question is not, “Can I have the things I desire?” but really, “Why couldn’t I?” Because manifestation not only takes clarity in knowing exactly what you want to bring in, it requires the that you deserve it. Because you do! Take the reins of your life and stand confidently in your power. That my dear, is self-love.

This 5-pose sequence will help you manifest the life you want, teaching you to stand in your power: