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Powered By Love: 3 Mudras To Open Your Heart

Looking for the courage to open your heart? Power everything you do with love using these mudras from Dana Trixie Flynn.

Looking for the courage to open your heart? Power everything you do with love using these mudras from Dana Trixie Flynn, creator of Lotus Flow Yoga and director of Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers in New York City.

The word love is used a lot these days: I love kale, I love your leggings, I love Brooklyn. While the word has been watered down, all of us really want the same thing: to connect and to love more deeply.

When we power up our connection to the heart, we become more energetic, more loving, and full of forgiveness. Our hands are the true conductors of our hearts, so practicing mudras (yoga in your hands) is a magical and effective way to bring more love to everyone you know and everything you do. In the process, you become even more lovable. Get your hands ready for loving!

Try the Mudra + Mantra Flow

Flow through the following three mudras while repeating the mantra:

“Powered by love.”

Mudra: Flex Your Spiritual Muscles

Dana Trixie Flynn performs the Flex Your Spiritual Muscles mudra.

Mantra: Powered

Raise your arms up, squeeze your hands into fists, flex and feel the voltage! On the path of divine love, you must exercise the muscle of your heart daily and become a channel of your own goodness.

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Mudra: Cross Your Heart

Dana Trixie Flynn performs the Cross Your Heart mudra.

Mantra: By

Cross your arms in front of your heart space, bridging your mind with your heart. Feel your powerful link with all lovers everywhere!

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Mudra: Abhaya Hridaya or Courageous Heart Mudra

Dana Trixie Flynn performs the Abhaya Hridaya mudra.

Mantra: Love

Cross your hands at your wrists so the top of your hands face back to back. Then begin to hook your pinkies together, followed by your ring fingers and then your index fingers. What remains are your middle fingers and thumbs; bring them together to touch. Hover the Courageous Heart Mudra in front of and around your heart. Stay here and meditate on having the courage to keep your heart open and loving, especially during those difficult times in your life when fear, hate, or anger pull you away. No matter how many times you have closed down your heart or turned your back on love, it’s OK. You can open your heart again. Love belongs to you!

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