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Yoga for Athletic Recovery: 5 Poses to Max Out Training Benefits

You may spend serious time sweating, but it's the space between workouts that counts. Sage Rountree's yoga poses will help you get the most out of your recovery time.

You aren't realizing the full benefit of your workout routine unless you're giving equal attention to recovery. Sage Rountree offers poses to maximize your downtime.

Workouts are great—between the adrenaline and the sense of accomplishment, they leave us happily fatigued. But the real work of training lies in giving your body time and space to adapt to the stress of your workout, so that you are stronger for the next one. This is the subject of my book The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery.

Yoga to the rescue! A few long-held, mellow, low-to-the-ground poses complement your workout with a work-in: paying attention to your body and breath, inducing the relaxation response, and jump-starting your recovery. Here’s a taste appropriate for virtually everyone. For more, join me late afternoon Saturday, April 9 at YJ LIVE! NYC for a sweet practice for athletes and tired conference-goers alike.

Grab your bolster and yoga blocks. If you don’t have them at home, use one or two pillows from your bed. You can wrap a few hardcover books in a hand towel to create a block-like prop.