Sequence for Overcoming Fear with #YJInfluencer Denelle Numis

This empowering sequence from #YJInfluencer Denelle Numis will help you overcome fear and take on your next big challenge.

A few months ago, I took a giant leap of faith and left my Colorado yoga community—where I enrolled in my first teacher training and became a yoga teacher in 2009—and headed West to begin my new life as a teacher in one of the biggest yoga hubs in the country: San Francisco!

Even though I consider myself to be strong in the face of adversity and up for a challenge, I was filled with fear as I embarked on this new adventure. Doubt crept in, along with a lack of confidence. I asked myself: Who am I to come in and teach among this group of talented and seasoned yogis? What do I have to share that is unique to this community? How good of a teacher am I, really? 

But then I realized something: the talented Colorado yoga community that supported me for the past decade had prepared me for this. "I am capable," I told myself. "I am ready. I got this." Fortunately, San Francisco seems to agree, and the city has embraced me with open arms. When I think about my experience thus far, I am so proud that I overcame my fear and found success in a new environment. Need a little boost of courage to take on your next big challenge? Check out my empowering sequence below—which includes big, expansive poses like Side Plank and Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose—to help you build confidence, overcome fear, and break out of your comfort zone.

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Sequence for Overcoming Fear with #YJInfluencer Denelle Numis

About Our Expert
Denelle Jarro Numis (E-RYT 500) is a native New Yorker, certified Coloradan, and newly relocated Bay Area yoga teacher. As the founder of Après Yoga Events, she loves to create an inclusive environment where each student can immediately feel connected with their community and enjoy yoga with benefits after class, such as a pint of beer, a glass of wine, coffee, or cocktails. Numis completed her 200-hour certification with Shannon Paige at Omtime Yoga in Denver and a 300-hour certification with Gina Caputo at The Colorado School of Yoga in Boulder, Colorado.