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Boost Your Radiance With This Summer Flow

Try these 10 poses to refresh your aura, open your heart, and strengthen your hips.
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Now is a time for healing through the power of collective love. It's a time to honor the full humanity of ourselves and others. Yoga can help us connect to our truest selves on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. This is important, because your deepest truth is the key to your dharma. Yoga also helps us clear our energy, including our auric field–that part of you that enters a room before your physical body arrives. Yogis say that your energy body perceives everything before your physical body. Before your mind ever recognizes it, your energy field felt it.

Yoga teacher Mary Clare Sweet shares a powerful and gracious sequence to cleanse your aura and so that your inherent radiance can shine bright. We suggest a warming up with a few Sun Salutation A's (Surya Namaskar). 

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