Yoga Sequences

Sequence for Silence and Savasana

Try this simple sequence the next time noises—external or in your head—feel overwhelming. Duck into a private space, put your phone on airplane mode, and practice moving with your breath.

1. Pranayama


Sit cross-legged or on the front edge of a chair. Inhale, and slowly sweep your arms sideways and up. Bring your palms together over your head. Exhale, and draw your hands down in front of your heart. Repeat for 8 rounds.

2. Cat and Cow poses


Come onto your hands and knees. Exhale, press into your palms, drop your head, and move your belly up toward your spine. Inhale, soften your belly as you move into a backbend, and look forward. Continue for 5-8 rounds. Initiate the movement from your pelvis.

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3. Downward-Facing Dog pose, with a block


This restorative variation allows you to release the weight of your head (literally and metaphorically). Move into Down Dog and place a block under your forehead. Make sure your neck is a soft extension of your spine. Close your eyes and stay for 10 breaths.

4. Plank pose to belly


The deep core work of this pose has a soothing and down-regulating effect on your nervous system. Hold for 30-60 seconds, then slowly lower down.

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5. Cobra pose


Think of a sailboat floating effortlessly up and down on gentle waves. Feel that slow rhythm as you inhale into Cobra Pose and exhale your forehead back down to the floor. Repeat 3-6 times, then press back to Down Dog.

6. Standing forward bend


From Down Dog, walk your hands back to a Standing Forward Bend. Move your feet as wide as your mat, turning your toes in slightly so the outside edges of your feet are parallel to each other. Keep your legs straight, but drop your head. Hang here for 5-8 breaths.

7. Triangle pose


From standing, open your legs wide. Turn your right toes out as you externally rotate your front leg. Inhale, and open your arms. Exhale, and move from your pelvis, first extending forward and then down. Let your back hip do whatever it wants (usually moving slightly forward rather than remaining rigidly stacked).

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8. Half moon pose to standing forward fold, with a block


From Triangle, bend your front knee over your middle toe, and shift forward. Bring a block with you to support your front hand, and extend your back leg parallel to the floor. After a few breaths, release the back leg down into a Standing Forward Fold with a block under your head.

9. Boat pose


Sit on a blanket. Hold your shins, and roll back onto your sacrum. Straighten one leg, then the other. Play here—try lowering your body so that your legs and shoulders hover above the floor. Then come back up into the full pose. Let your abdominal muscles do their job by flexing your lower back. Repeat a few times.

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10. Bridge pose, with a block


Lie on your back, bend your knees, and turn your toes in slightly. Lift into Bridge. Hold for 5-8 breaths. Roll down, and repeat 2 more times. On the third round, place a block under your sacrum. Close your eyes, and rest for as long as you’d like. Remove the block, and slowly roll down.  

End in Corpse pose. This is yoga’s most powerful pose. It is an opportunity to move away from the constant activity of your waking life, let go of control, and taste the deeply satisfying state of pratyahara, or sense withdrawal. Your body already knows how to relax; all you need to do is set a timer for 20 minutes and receive the joy of Savasana.

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