Sexy Yoga: 14 Poses to Help You Feel More Sensual

Plus, 10 ways yoga leads to better sex, and a guided meditation that’ll put you in the mood.
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Prana is the life-force energy that can be described as our sense of feeling alive and well, the spark of curiosity, the seed of exploration, and the catalyst that compels us toward communion. So, it’s no surprise that it’s also synonymous with our sexual energy. But more than just a driver of procreation or of the pursuit of pleasure, our sexuality inspires, animates, and draws us into passionate love affairs with both intimate partners and the world around us. Through intention, sexual energy can be directed to help cultivate thriving total health.

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The following sequences draw from ancient Taoist and Tantric energy practices as well as modern science. They send energy and oxygen-rich blood to the organs in your pelvic bowl (such as the colon, bladder, rectum, and reproductive organs). Increased circulation is required for sexual arousal, and it heals and strengthens organ tissues. What’s more, attention to our muladhara (root) chakra—the dynamic pelvic floor—activates the connection to our sexual well-being. Practice these sequences together or individually as you need them.