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The Spring Equinox Has Arrived and Now is the Perfect Time for a Mind-Body Reset

Say hello to spring and new beginnings with our best advice for decluttering, detoxing, and starting fresh.

Spring is finally here, and just like we clear out the garden to prepare for the spring harvest, it’s important to prepare your body for nature’s new year, says Larissa Hall Carlson, an Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga and mindfulness teacher. “The Ayurvedic focus for spring is on clearing out the clutter and the congestion that has lodged from the winter, and starting the spring season feeling fresh and vibrant,” she explains. 

Here, tips from Hall Carlson and other experts in decluttering, detoxing, and starting fresh. Find yoga sequences, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle tips, music for spring cleaning, and advice for creating a space that lets clean air in and creativity flow, especially during the COVID-19 shutdown and shut-in. 

A Detoxifying Holistic Yoga Flow for Spring


Use this 12-posture sequence from Lauren Eckstrom and Travis Eliot to wring out and massage the digestive system for a thorough spring cleaning, while creating a steadiness and presence to consciously prepare to renew. In Spring, we emerge from the dark period of winter and return to the budding of new life. As the days become longer, we have the opportunity to restore ourselves physically and energetically. In this sequence, you’ll move through standing twists to detoxify and cleanse, as well as yin and restorative postures to ground, center, and connect as this new season unfolds. 

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8 Yoga Poses to Celebrate Spring and New Beginnings


If you listen closely, your body receives nature’s message on physical and subtle levels. The physical body asks for renewal: to release and detoxify stored heaviness from winter through light movement. The mind urges you to learn something new and explore different directions than before. The spiritual-self moves you to align with earth’s blossoming energies by envisioning and deciding on how best to move forward into a desired future. These poses, by Tel Aviv-based teacher Emily Shain, will help you uwind and unfold into something new.

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How to Use the Ancient Principles of Vastu to Declutter Your Home and Improve Its Energy


Could your home use a refresh? After making over her place according to the yoga of design, writer Elizabeth Marglin has 10 simple tips to help you get organized and create spaces that speak to your soul.

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3-Step Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse


Ready to be lighter, more energetic, happier, and better rested this spring? Here, John Douillard, an Ayurvedic practitioner and author, and co-leader of Yoga Journal’s online course Ayurveda 101 helps you flush out your lymphatic system and boost digestion.

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Spring Clean Your Soul: A 45-Minute Playlist to Enliven Your Spirit


Get into a new groove with these inspiring tracks, perfect for revitalizing your practice and welcoming spring. 

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Ayurveda 101: 3 Rejuvenating Self-Care Practices for Spring


These three easy self-care practices, from Larissa Hall Carlson—who leads Yoga Journal’s online course Ayurveda 101—will cleanse and rejuvenate your body for spring.

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10 Yin Yoga Poses to Embrace Spring’s Spirit of Renewal


Just as nature enters a cycle of renewal, growth and expansion in spring—so does the energy within us. Embrace the opportunity to shed old unwanted layers and make a conscious choice to begin again. In spring, those aspects of us that have been dormant over the winter months begin to awaken. This Yin Yoga sequence, by teacher and lifestyle coach Danielle March, focuses on the Liver and Gallbladder Meridians, which support the body’s natural digestive and detoxification functions. 

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7 Poses to Spring Clean Your Spirit


Celebrate the spring equinox with this sequence to clear out what isn’t serving you in your life anymore and make room for what will. “It’s the perfect time to declutter, become empowered, and create intentions for what you want,” says teacher Kim Purdy, a vinyasa flow teacher in California.

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