Stay Curious

A rule-follower by nature, Kathryn Budig uses her yoga practice to explore the adventurer within.
Kathryn Budig secretly busts out a hand-balancing pose in an undisclosed location.

Kathryn Budig secretly busts out a hand-balancing pose in an undisclosed location.

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” -Walt Disney

by Kathryn Budig

I grew up shy when it came to stepping outside of the box. I was a rule follower, a listener, and an obedient student. If they sign said "don't" then I didn’t. That being said, I was a pure adventurer by myself. The world was my oyster when I was let outside to play. The trees, flowers, and plants became my ensemble cast and I would act out story after story. Nature was completely fine with me being reckless and carefree.

This blend of obedience and whimsy stuck with me as I matured. I fell into an Ashtanga Mysore practice which is classically strict and rigid. I thrived with that practice but got smacked or stared down on a regular basis for my need to comment, stop and observe, or straight up giggle. I wasn’t the most traditional Ashtangi, but I loved the practice. I eventually moved into vinyasa flow  to nurture my creative side, but still used the tapas and discipline from my Yshtanga background.

I bring all this up because I continue to juggle these two strong sides of me—the good girl and the rebel. I know it’s in my best interest to keep them balanced so one doesn’t knock the other out, in the same way I try to find a beautiful blend of yin and yang in my asana practice.

I was recently teaching a workshop where there was a gorgeous fountain. This beautiful water display awed us, and I spied a strip of concrete within the fountain, just wide enough to support a hand-balancing pose. Of course, wading though the fountain to get to this strip was a no-no, but it called to those of us there like a siren. We finally decided to throw caution to the wind and jump in. We took turns playing with shapes, laughing nervously, before the security guard came out. She simply smiled and said, “I certainly don’t care but just know there’s cameras up in this joint.” We returned the smile and asked her to join in with the fun. She responded with a gleeful cackle and waved her hand at us and went back inside.

No matter what I do, I want to remain young at heart. I want to look at the world with wonder and see a story and adventure behind every tree and around every corner. I want to balance my adventurer with my book worm and view the world as my oyster. We all have a little kid in us waiting to play—stay inspired.