The Post-SUP Yoga Sequence for Beginner Standup Paddlers

Open your chest and find proper alignment after a tough standup paddleboard workout. This beginner SUP yoga sequence will get you started.

Standup paddleboarding is one of the best total-body workouts because you exercise every major muscle group. Think: your back and arms pull you through the water, while your core, glutes, and legs stabilize and balance you on the board. But beginner standup paddlers, who are still chasing that perfect paddling technique, can often walk away from a SUP workout pretty sore.

These six after-paddling poses reverse what you were just doing on your board to promote chest expansion. Use them to bring down your heart rate and enjoy the soft stretch — a subtle side bend releases your core obliques, toe squat opens up the tight folds of the feet (nervous newbies often over grip the board) and eagle arms open your shoulders to counter the hunched motion you make while paddling.

Practice them on your board in open water, on shore, or on your mat at home to recover, promote proper alignment and build SUP-ready strength.