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The Yoga of Integrity: A Mind + Body Balancing Sequence

Purna Yoga co-founder Aadil Palkhivala shares a practice to help you align your body and mind.

One of the four pillars, or petals, in Purna Yoga is safety and alignment-based asana. This first step, learning the poses, is a way to train your body and mind for what’s to come as you move deeper into yoga: a life full of sincerity, humility, discernment, integrity, and serenity. Asana teach us how to live off the mat. Their purpose is to open up our bodies and make them strong, vibrant, and prepared to receive life.

On the following pages, you’ll learn to practice asana the Purna Yoga way. As you move through this short sequence, which is designed to release stress in your spine, notice what emerges physically, mentally, and emotionally. Start to trust your intuition about what feels right or what feels like it needs adjusting. You can practice these poses daily on their own—there is one from each major category of asana (one standing pose, one twist, one backbend, etc.)—or add them to a longer sequence. Then end with a Heartfull Meditation to open the doorway to your soul.

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