This Month’s Home Practice: 16 Poses to Spark Inspiration

This 16-pose yoga sequence will help awaken your inner muse. Active poses open you up to get creative juices flowing, while restorative ones give space for your inspiration to bloom.
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Looking for a yoga sequence to inspire creative awakening? This 16-pose practice has what you need! 

Looking for a yoga sequence to inspire creative awakening? This 16-pose practice has what you need! 

Like Yoga, tapping into your creative potential requires energy and willpower, stillness and deep listening. That’s why this sequence alternates between active poses and quiet, introspective ones: The active poses open you up to get your creative juices flowing; the restorative ones will give you space to listen to your inner muse.

While the postures can be like keys to unlock creativity, it’s how you practice that makes all the difference. Go slow, connect with your breath, and really feel the different sensations each pose evokes. This heightens your senses, and you may find that after practicing, you see colors more vividly, music moves you more deeply, and you are better able to hear the inspiration already flowing within your heart.

Creativity is deeply intelligent and can take many forms. Wherever you need a hit of creative inspiration—work, music, dance, writing, cooking, gardening, painting, and beyond—my hope is that this sequence allows your own deep intelligence to emerge and move through you. After all, we are all artists and creators of our own lives. Once this practice has connected you to your greatest self, may it also give you the energy and clarity you need to share your gifts with the world.

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Yoga for creativity: A home practice to awaken your inner muse

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Amanda Giacomini is a yoga teacher and artist, also known by her street-art name @10000buddhas (she’s painted more than 10,000 Buddhas the world over). She tours, teaches, and paints murals alongside her husband, MC Yogi. When they are not traveling, they teach daily classes at Point Reyes Yoga, their home studio in northern California. Learn more at