Top Yoga Teachers Share Their 7 Favorite Morning Stretches

These just might be the easiest way to tee yourself up for a better day.
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Larissa Carlson, morning stretch zoomed in

Morning stretches are a great way to start each day, which is why we asked some our favorite teachers for their go-to morning stretches—the ones that make them feel happier and healthier every day.

Mornings can be rough—even if you’re a “morning person” and even when you get a solid eight hours of shut-eye. After all, most of us have to set an alarm and blast through a morning routine rather than wake up to our own body clock and relax under the covers.

Yet taking just five minutes to stretch before you make the coffee, jump in the shower, or do whatever else it is you do in record time every morning can pay off big-time. Starting each day with intention, movement, and a few deep breaths can be a game changer.

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Need a little inspo? We asked some of our favorite yoga teachers to share their favorite morning stretches. Here’s what they say leads to more productive and happy-making days.

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Bridget “Bee” Creel is the editorial producer for Yoga Journal. She works as a yoga teacher in NYC and is the co-founder of the wellness community, Mood Room