Intermediate Yoga Sequences

Two Fit Moms: 4 Dynamic Poses to Amp Up Your Routine

These 4 dynamic poses from Two Fit Moms will not only amp up a humdrum routine, they will also get your blood flowing and heart pumping.

Still practicing the same sequence again and again? These 4 dynamic poses from Two Fit Moms will not only amp up a humdrum routine, they will also get your blood flowing and heart pumping. Additionally, they will help build strength, stability, and balance.

Single Leg Balance

Two Fit Moms Perform Standing Cat-Cow.

Practice this basic single-leg balance by shifting your weight onto your right foot while drawing the left knee into the chest. Interlace all 10 fingers in front of your left shin, and stand up tall. Pull your core in, roll your shoulders down, and gaze at a stationary point on the floor a few feet ahead to help find your balance. Flex your lifted foot to keep all of the muscles in your lifted leg active. Breathe deeply, and hold this pose for 5–10 breaths.

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Make It Dynamic: Standing Cat-Cows

Two Fit Moms perform Standing Cat/Cows.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamental single-leg balance, challenge yourself by incorporating a CatCow exercise. Inhale deeply and slowly shift your gaze up to the sky as you lift your chest. Exhale and slowly shift your gaze, drawing your chin to your chest while rounding the upper back. Move slowly to maintain your balance, and repeat this exercise 5–6 times before lowering your left leg and repeating the entire single-leg balance exercise with the other leg.

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Plank Pose

Two Fit Moms perform Plank Pose.

Plank Pose helps to strengthen your entire body: arms, shoulders, core, and legs. Make sure to spread the fingers wide, gripping your mat with your fingertips while grounding through your palms. Find a little bit of external rotation in your arms, draw your shoulders away from your ears and widen through the shoulder blades. Hug the navel in and up, lengthen your tailbone down toward your heels, and hug your thighs in. Hold your Plank for 5–10 breaths.

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Make It Dynamic: Plank to Dolphin Plank

Two Fit Moms perform Dolphin Plank.

Add a little spice and movement to your Plank by lowering down into Dolphin Plank, then back up to Plank. From Plank, slowly lower your right forearm down onto the mat followed by your left forearm. Make sure your elbows are directly under your shoulders as you continue to draw the shoulders down, round through the upper back, and engage the core and legs. Repeat this 3–5 times every time you come into Plank.

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Warrior II

Two Fit Moms perform Warrior II lunges.

Warrior II is one of those postures that requires mental strength as well as physical strength to hold. Make sure your legs are wide with the front foot facing the top of your mat and the back toes facing the side of your mat. Bend into the front leg so the knee stacks over the ankle and the thigh is parallel to the ground. Relax the shoulders and gaze past the front middle finger. Try to stay calm and grounded in this pose for 1 minute.

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Make It Dynamic: Warrior II Lunges

Two Fit Moms perform Warrior II lunges.

Add some movement in and out of Warrior II in order to increase the leg workout. On an inhale, straighten the front leg while bringing the hands above you to touch. On the exhale, sink back down into Warrior II. Do this 5–10 times each time you come into Warrior II. Repeat the entire exercise on the other leg.

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One-Legged Bridge Pose

Two Fit Moms perform One-Legged Bridge Lifts.

Bridge Pose is a great way to stretch the chest, neck, and spine while strengthening the glutes and back. Start with both feet hip-width distance apart and parallel to one another, and hands extended alongside your hips. Push into your feet and slowly lift your hips. Keep your neck lengthened and chin away from your chest. Slowly shift your weight into your right foot and lift the left leg up. Hold for 5–10 breaths.

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Make It Dynamic: One-Legged Bridge Lifts

Two Fit Moms perform Bridge Lifts.

Want more of a burn? After lifting one leg up, lower your hips down toward the mat, then lift them back up. Repeat this five times on each side.

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