9 Yin Yoga Poses to Summon the Joy of Summer

This soothing and contemplative Yin Yoga practice invites us to balance the outward focus of summer's fiery energy with an inward glance during the solstice.

I like to think of the summer solstice as the gateway to the rest of the year. It's an ideal time to honor the sun in all of its glory and acknowledge the infinite source of light within ourselves. With the warm weather comes increased physical and social activity, as the fire element is at its peak. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this fire phase symbolizes ignition, discernment and resolve.

The soothing and contemplative practice of Yin Yoga invites us to balance this outward focus with an inward glance. In this gentle practice, we focus on the heart and large intestine meridians that run along the chest cavity as well as along the inner and outer arms. Consider this an invitation to slow down and surrender to the joy of the present moment with an exploration of heart openers, upper back and shoulder stretches.

9 Yin Yoga Poses for Summer