I-mat-gination Practice: 6 Yoga Poses for Kids

Author Susan Verde’s new book sends kids the message that imagination makes anything possible—and the yoga mat is a perfect place to explore it.
downward facing dog, adho mukha savasana

Author Susan Verde’s new children's book, I Am Yoga, shows kids the power of the imagination in combination with yoga. Roll out your mat and explore.

Anything is possible with a dose of imagination. Tree Pose can stretch you above the clouds into the limitless sky. Star Pose can set you asparkle. Boat Pose might float you all the way across the sea. And Camel Pose could expand your loving heart enough to hug the whole wide world.

I Am Yoga (Harry N. Abrams, $14.95), author Susan Verde’s new colorful, character-driven children’s book with renowned illustrator Peter H. Reynolds, came together organically after many dedicated years as an elementary school teacher, yoga instructor, author, and mother of three. “I’ve had my own yoga practice forever and had seen stressed-out kids in the classroom, who were disconnected to their bodies and the world around them,” Verde says. “Yoga is perfect for kids on so many levels. With them, it’s not about alignment. It’s about how do I feel? What part of my body is touching the ground? Am I sailing to Africa in this Boat Pose? When I pause and take a few breaths, I can reassess any situation. Yoga brings out empowerment and imagination. It’s very visible.”

In essence, Verde’s message in the book is that you have the tools to manage your own world. “Through simple ideas, movements, and an awareness about yourself, you can open yourself up and be anything,” she says. “You can do anything.” Try Verde’s sequence with illustrations from the book with a little one and see for yourself.

6 Yoga + Imagination Poses for Kids