6 Yoga Poses for CrossFit Cross-Training

Devoted to lifting or CrossFit? Try Sage Rountree's sequence to counter the front-body tightness that can come with them.

Weightlifting and CrossFit can be a great way to develop full-body strength. While CrossFit pays attention to mobility, it’s still easy to incur imbalances in the body—especially when you head to a desk and sit for eight hours or more right afterward. A strong but tight front body puts you at risk for both overuse injuries that come from chronic imbalance between muscle groups and acute injuries, especially to the back, as you lift or go through other daily movements.

Yoga to the rescue! Here is a sequence of poses to counter the front-of-the-body tightness that lifting can create. Include these poses at the end of your weight session and revisit them over the course of your day to release the tension and counteract the shortening of the chest and hip flexors that can result. Practice these regularly and you’ll balance your hard-earned strength with supple flexibility.

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