Beginners' Yoga Sequences

Need a Good Workout? These 10 Core Sequences Will Fire You Up

Keep your abs and stomach strong and fit with these yoga poses to fire up the core and strengthen the rest of the body.

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10 Poses for Strong Abs

Leah Cullis in Plank Pose.

Master Baptiste Yoga teacher Leah Cullis offers 10 poses that tone your abs and strengthen your core, helping you tap into your personal power on and off the mat.

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12-Minute Core Strength Sequence (for Real People)

Build strength through the belly, side waist, glutes and back with core strengtheners for those of us who don’t have all day to hit the gym.

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5 Yoga Moves to Practice Daily for Everyday Core Strength


Incorporate these poses from Nicole Sciacca, Chief Yoga Officer at LA’s Playlist Yoga, into your daily routine to strengthen your core muscles and help you maintain a strong and flexible spine.

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Two Fit Moms’ Picks: 8 Best Yoga Poses for the Core

Two Fit Moms in Tiger Curl

Just in time for the holidays, here are Two Fit Moms‘ top 8 yoga poses to work the core.

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16 Poses for a Strong + Stable Core

janet stone, crunch

This is a practice for mothers, focused on building your core—physical and emotional—to sustain you through the overwhelming love and challenges of motherhood.

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The Ultimate Core Prep for Slackline Yoga


Steal these three three core-building balance moves from The YogaSlackers to cultivate slackline-ready strength.

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7 Poses for Core Strength

Get your best summer body with deep core exercises that will power up your practice.

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The Abdominal Crunch Yogis Actually Need (Sorry)

Extend your legs, tiffany russo

Want to unleash the true potential of your middle? Turns out crunches—yes, the exercise you’ve avoided for years in favor of holding Plank—are key to a stronger core and more stable yoga practice. Discover how they can serve you in every pose.

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Plug In To Your Core Power


Strengthen your core from the inside out with this sequence that teaches you how to move from your center.

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8 Detoxifying Poses + Kundalini Kriyas

detoxifiying yoga dead bug kriya

Teacher Liz Lindh created this sequence to boost energy, promote mental clarity, and rid the body of toxins after overeating.

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