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Yoga on Horseback: Ride with Stability

The latest hybrid in the yoga-plus-sports trend, equestrian yoga, is designed to connect human and horse in the great outdoors.

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Asana on a horse? Introducing the latest hybrid in the yoga-plus-sports trend.

Equestrian yoga, designed to foster the connection between two living beings—human and horse—in the great outdoors. Like yoga, riding improves core stability and balance, according to a study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science. Plus, riding helps us practice staying present: Using our breath, posture, drishti (gaze), and intention is as essential for success in the saddle as it is on the mat. “Learning to relax and sense the horse creates union with the animal and the land,” says yoga teacher Janice Baxter, who, along with renowned horsewoman Tammy Pate, co-leads the authentic Experience Yoga and Horses retreats at the breathtaking Home Ranch in Clark, Colorado. “Horsemanship is a continuous process of putting the ego aside to reduce resistance and build confidence,” Pate adds. The retreats seamlessly interweave twice-daily rides and yoga classes with delicious meals, fun, and friendship. Kind of puts a whole new spin on Horse Stance, eh? (Learn more at

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