8 Yoga Poses to Celebrate Spring and New Beginnings

Along with the asanas below, you might also observe that this time calls for the setting of intentions—and deciding what is important to you.
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To me, there is nothing like spring. The sun emerges out of the wintery shadows; the earth blooms with color and expansive energy; and in what seems like an instant, the world opens back up to the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings.

If you listen closely, your body receives nature’s message on physical and subtle levels. The physical body asks for renewal: to release and detoxify stored heaviness from winter through light movement, diet, and increased social interaction. The mind urges you to learn something new and explore different directions than before. The spiritual-self moves you to align with earth’s blossoming energies by envisioning and deciding on how best to move forward into a desired future.

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Along with the asanas below, you might also observe that this time calls for the setting of intentions—in other words, deciding what is important to you. After the internal and reflective winter months, this is the time to get focused and moving, active and motivated, for everything that is to come. We want to set out on this journey with a readiness to grow, transform, and awaken our utmost potential.

From an energetic perspective, it is best to eat an Ayurvedic diet (mostly green, bitter and seasonal foods), to write down in a journal where you see yourself going, and then practice a mantra of trust (example: I trust the path I am walking), which reassures that your actions will lead and make space for your dreams and intentions to manifest.

New beginnings are the first step toward awakening your fullest potential. Enjoy the asana practice below to feel light, awakened, motivated, and free in your body, mind, spirit, and soul. 

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A Yoga Sequence for New Beginnings