Yoga Sequences for the Glutes

Lazy Glutes? These 3 Yoga Practices Will Wake Them Up!

Get off your chair and revive these ever-important muscles with three yoga sequences you can do right now.

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Are your back and knees aching? Do you sit at your desk too much? You could be experiencing dead butt syndrome (yes, it’s real and even happens to active people).

Gluteal amnesia occurs when your ever-important gluteal muscles aren’t as activated and awake as they could be and therefore “forget” how to operate effectively. This can cause a range of issues throughout your body, including causing tight hip flexors, straining your lower back and knees, and weakening the pelvic floor.

While dead butt syndrome sounds serious, you can use yoga to bring your gluteal muscles back to life. These three yoga routines help resuscitate these large, powerful muscles so you can move more efficiently and feel better while doing it.

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Ease into it

This 10-minute sequence by yoga teacher Joelle helps you get the hang of glute activation with a mix of moves you can do on your back, belly, from Tabletop, or even in a side-lying position.

Deepen your glute activation

Yoga instructor Neil Keleher leads you through a 20-minute practice that also touches on activating the tensor fascia latae, plus the fibers of the gluteus maximus that attach to the iliotibial band. Besides activating your hips, this work may be helpful for alleviating knee pain or problems.

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Long live the glutes!

This 55-minute practice by Bowspring Yoga is custom-designed to mindfully engage and challenge your gluteal musculature to tone, activate, and wake up your tush.


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