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Yoga Sequences

3 Restorative Poses to Optimize Organ Function

Long day? Feeling sluggish? Try these poses from YJ Influencer Meredith Cameron to create space in your upper body to soften, flush, and balance your organ system.

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It sounds simple, but getting the right kind of rest can be a game changer for your body’s organs. Our bodies are all composed differently, and lifestyle choices add to, or take away from, organ efficiency. So it’s important to think of your organs as one unit designed to work together. If one organ gets squished or works too hard, it can tax the entire system. But the more you can support and stabilize the lower body, the more the upper body, where your organs are housed, can soften and relax. This helps them detox, repair, and function efficiently so you can feel your best on a regular basis.

The key to optimizing your insides? A little restorative asana. Yoga poses that support your bone structure will create maximum space for your organs to flush and function properly. Below, try these three simple, supported yoga poses to balance and restore your organ system.

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1. Seated Forward Fold


Props You Need: 3 blankets, 2 blocks

Roll and place one blanket into the crease at the base of a wall. Sit on two folded blankets, adjusting your sit bones for full contact of your perineum. Bend your knees to keep the low back and kidneys spacious and place your feet on the rolled blanket in front of you. Stack two blocks like an upside down T, lean forward, and rest your head, allowing the neck and shoulders to relax. You will feel space in the low back and a complete upper body tension release.

Restorative tip: Using two blankets folded as a seat helps get you out of your hip joint. Creating space in the joint allows blood and oxygen to flow through and feed the organs.

2. Supported Frog


Props You Need: 1 blanket, 3 blocks

Come to tabletop position on your hands and knees and place the folded blanket on top of your calves. Bring your knees wide and sit back on the blankets. Grab two blocks, then lean forward and place one block under each armpit, on the tall setting. (Make sure the blocks plug right into the joint.) Place a third block, on the medium setting, under your forehead. Reach your arms out straight, so the elbows are not bent and the lungs can expand fully allowing maximum oxygen exchange through the joints.

Restorative tip: If your hands begin to fall asleep, place two blocks or books underneath them to lift them higher. If your hip flexors feel uncomfortable, add another blanket between your calves and your sit bones.

3. Organ flush with a chair


Props You Need: 1 blanket, 1 chair, 1 strap, 3 regular blocks, 1 thinner block (or modify with an extra blanket)

Lie on your back and scoot your sit bones close to, and facing, the chair. Place the balls of your feet on the edge of the chair. Stack three blocks next to your hips, and place a folded blanket under your head. With your legs zipped together, take your strap and wrap it loosely around your mid thighs. Place a thinner block or folded blanket next to your shoulders.

Push into the chair and lift your hips, sliding the three blocks just under your sacrum. From here, straighten your legs. Your shoulders will naturally lift. Place the thinner block under your shoulders. Tighten the strap. Relax. Use two blocks instead of three if you feel any pinching.

Restorative tip: This pose allows a clean pathway through the front of the thighs for energy to travel into the organ house. The downward slope inverts the body and provides the flush. 

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