Yoga Sequences

Inclusivity Training: Align Your Heart Chakra with This Chest-Opening Sequence

Do this short sequence 3–5 times on its own or as part of a longer practice to open your heart chakra and experience compassion.

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Mountain Pose

Chelsea Jackson Mountain Pose

Begin in Mountain Pose with your hands together at your heart. Inhale and reach toward the sky.

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Mountain Pose with Bind

Chelsea Jackson Heart Opener

Exhale, bringing your hands behind your back. Interlace your fingers. Inhale and outwardly rotate your shoulders while lifting your heart. Ground firmly through your feet and press your knuckles toward the earth.

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Standing Forward Fold with Bind

Chelsea Jackson Heart Opener

Exhale to fold forward. Bend your elbows slightly as you try to keep the heels of your hands touching.

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Chair Pose

Chelsea Jackson Chair Pose

Inhale, unclasp your hands, and energetically sweep your arms upward as you lower your hips into Chair Pose.

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Standing Forward Bend

Chelsea Jackson Standing Forward Fold

Exhale and fold forward into a Standing Forward Bend. Finish by inhaling back to Mountain Pose. 

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