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Beginners' Yoga Sequences

Let It Fall Away: A Seasonal Sequence For Letting Go

Rina Jakubowicz wants you to let the season inspire your practice and make a commitment to let something go. Get centered with her sequence

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YJ LIVE! Floridapresenter Rina Jakubowicz wants you to let the season inspire your practice and make a commitment to let something fall away. Get centered with this sequence and share the pose that makes you #fallforyoga all over again on social media.

Every season is a reminder that nothing lasts forever. Everything has a moment of creation and destruction, but all are equally beautiful and majestic in nature. All seasons have their reasons and if one season decided to stop happening, the rest of the earth would go out of sync.

Honoring change is vital for our deeper understanding of ourselves. We, too, must change and let things fall off and regrow in order to help us evolve as humans. The beauty of the Fall season is that it’s the beginning of the end of this earth cycle. Although in my hometown, Miami, the leaves don’t change colors, the shift is felt. The crispness in the air starts to blossom. The poses in this sequence remind me of this change and can help to keep the inner air warm while the outer air is cooling down.

Let-It-Fall-Away Sequence

seated cross-legged

Bring your hands on your knees in Jnana Mudra—thumb and index finders touching. Set an intention to allow something to fall away that has been needing to shift in your life. Embrace that change is inevitable and allow some letting go to happen during this practice

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Ujjayi Breath

seated cross-legged, fire-breath

Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position. Press the hips into the floor so the spine is long. Draw your chin slightly into your chest, giving yourself a mini double-chin, to lock the throat. Open your mouth and breathe in and out like you’re fogging a mirror. Feel the breath pass through your throat, hearing the sound it makes. Then close your mouth and breathe through your nose, making the same sound and feeling the same sensation in your throat. Make your inhale and exhale about three counts each, both sounding the same. Repeat for at least 10 breaths. Continue using Ujjayi Breath throughout this sequence.

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Tree Pose

tree pose, vrksasana

Come to standing and place your feet hip-width apart. Shift your weight into your right foot and push down into the floor with that foot. Find a still spot in front of you and fix your eyes on it. Lift your left leg up and open the knee to the side. Place the sole of your left foot either on your ankle, calf, or upper thigh. Press the foot into the leg and the leg into the foot. Lengthen the spine and reach the crown of the head up toward the ceiling. Place your hands out to the sides and turn your palms up bringing the thumb and index fingers together for Jnana Mudra. Bend your elbows slightly and try lifting your gaze diagonally upward. Take 8 deep Ujjayi breaths. Lower the left leg and switch sides, keeping your eyes fixed on that same spot. Take 8 more deep breaths on this side. Bring your hands to prayer in front of your face as you lower your lifted leg. Close your eyes and check in with your intention.

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Horse Stance

horse pose, vatayanasana

Step your left foot behind you and open your body to the side of your mat. Extend your arms straight out and separate your feed to align your ankles under your wrists. Turn your toes out 45 degrees. Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor, keeping them behind your ankles. Place your hands in Prayer Position, feeling stable yet challenged. Hold this pose for 10 deep Ujjayi Breaths. Straighten your legs and take 1 deep Ujjayi Breath. Then repeat Horse Stance for another 10 deep breaths. This time see if you can go a little lower without letting the hips drop below the knees. Stay focused and be willing to shake externally in order to have a transformation within.

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Humble Warrior

humble warrior, baddha virabhadrasana

Widen your feet and pivot your right foot toward the front of the mat. Walk your left foot over to the left an inch, turning it out 45 degrees. Spiral your thighs in toward each other. Bend your right knee and interlace your fingers behind your back, pressing the palms into one another. Bring your forehead down toward the inside of your right big toe. Sink the hips in line with your knee. Reach your hands overhead as much as possible. Drop your head and relax your neck. Engage your back leg and take 5 deep ujjayi breaths here. Try to multiply your level of humility in this pose by having a moment of awe that the seasons change perfectly without us controlling anything. There is someone or something out there that is a master planner that makes the fall season come and go right on time. Let’s not take it for granted. Appreciate its magic. Inhale lift your chest and switch sides, taking 5 deep Ujjayi Breaths on the other side.

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Forearm Plank

forearm plank pose

Come down to your hands and knees. Bring your forearms on the floor, elbows directly under your shoulders and forearms parallel to each other. Press palms down. Tuck your toes under and press your heels back. Engage your legs, making a straight line from your heels to the crown of your head. Almost round the back a little bit to make sure your arms are engaged. Pull the navel in. (If you need to do this with your knees on the floor, go ahead.) You will feel your body warm up immediately. Keep your focus on your core and stay centered. Hold this for 5–10 Ujjayi Breaths. Take a break and do it again.

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Reclining Spinal Twist

supine twist pose, supta matsyendrasana

Lie down and come back to center in a reflective manner. In this twist, feel that you’re ready for the imminent change. Bring the right knee into your chest, keeping the left leg extended. Cross the right knee over to the left, lifting your hip but keeping your right shoulder down. Turn your palms up and turn your head to the right. Take 8 deep Ujjayi Breaths. On the inhale, come back to the center lying on your back switch sides. Inhale back to the center. Place your hands in Prayer Position at your third eye (between your eyebrows). Recall your intention to let go of something that has been wanting to fall away and on your next exhale release your body and mind into Savasana. Take 5 minutes here to just breathe and let go. No need for Ujjayi Breath anymore. Just soften and relax. Give yourself a little inner smile, because you have had the courage to let things be as they need to. You ebbed and flowed and consciously and let go just a little bit more today.

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About Rina Jakubowicz

Teacher and model Rina Jakubowicz is the founder of Rina Yoga in Miami, Florida. She is a bilingual vinyasa and Vedanta yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, motivational speaker, TV host, and author.