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Yoga Sequences

The Full Moon in Taurus Aligns With a Lunar Eclipse. Here’s How to Navigate It

It's time to find your center. This practice for the full moon brings you back to your truest source of strength and stability—you.

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The full moon that will light the sky early in the morning of November 19 is particularly exceptional, as it will align with a partial lunar eclipse—the longest in nearly 600 years. This lunar event will not only paint the moon a vibrant reddish hue, but also offer a glimpse at what we can expect in the upcoming year-and-a-half-long eclipse season of Taurus and Scorpio.

Taurus loves beauty, exquisite details, and comfort. This sign loves to give yet can resist change. Scorpio, on the other hand, is our guide for honest transformation. This full moon is pushing us to move past our patterns of resistance and meet up with the Scorpio sun, where we melt our worries into liquid. Let that be the balm you need to fortify your passion for life. Allow it to help you center from within.

We are starting another cycle with new life, new beginnings. Let the good flow in.

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An invocation for the full moon in Taurus

Ask Spirit to please guide your feet. Bring it all into balance. Beginnings and endings. Bring it all to peace.

Call yourself to the light. The path ahead is full of open doors. Open doors to exciting new adventures, joyful opportunities, and heart-centered connections. Walk in the way of gratitude and let love be your purpose. Know that you have peace within. Trust yourself to guide your path.

You are learning through our relationships right now. Your relationships with yourself, with your lover, partner, friends, families. You are learning your relationship to your own shadow side, to time, to change, and to community.

Heal thyself. Find your connection to your center. Let movement be your inspirational force. To be flexible, you need to loosen the tension, shake out the fatigue, clear out yesterday’s news. Listen to and accept the changes. Movement is medicine. It is a self-nurturing tool you need to feel whole and complete.

Movement is not just physical, it is mental, too. How many of your thoughts are positive? You need to redirect your mental energy to forward motion. In the words of rapper the Notorious B.I.G., “Damn right I like the life I live because I went from negative to positive.” It’s time to get out of the shadows, put your roots down, and stand in the light.

Celebrate who you are. Celebrate your daily life. Focus your vision to see clearly what needs to be added to live the life of your dreams.

Let yourself go further than you think you can.

Be gracious in your spirit.

Be centered from within.

A full-moon yoga practice to center yourself from within

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This full moon sequence is a heart-opening practice to root you in your strength and stability.

Beginning meditation

Take a moment and lie down on your back. Start to even out your breath. Breathing in through the nose, slow inhale. Pursing the lips and breathing out through the mouth, soft long exhale. Repeat for five breaths. Bring your mind’s eye to your heart as you breathe in through the nose, breathe across the chest. As you exhale, draw the navel in and breathe out the nose slowly and with ease. Repeat for eight breaths.

The affirmation we are working with today is “I am centered from within.” At your heart center, picture a lotus flower. As you breathe in, the petals open to the light of the sun. As you breathe out, the petals release back into your heart, bringing the light deep within. Please take 10 breaths with this visualization.


Take a deep breath in and a long sigh, breathing out of your mouth. Pull your knees into your chest and rock yourself up to a Tabletop position. Fingers spread evenly on the mat, shoulders over your wrist, knees stacked hips-width apart. Lift up through your core, belly button to spine, and elongate the back of your neck. Inhale, drop your belly, lift your tailbone. Exhale to round your spine, lifting from your core. Take CatCow four times.

Come to Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose) and pedal out your feet. Take eight breaths here. Hands are shoulder-width apart, spread your fingers evenly, push your hands into the mat like you are pushing away the floor. Lift your lower front ribs and engage your navel, as you exhale focus on encouraging your heels to ground into the mat. Keep your energy moving within, breathing in calmly and exhaling, “I am centered from within.”

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A heart-opening yoga sequence for the full moon

A woman stands in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) in a full moon yoga sequence
(Photo: Jon Glasmann)

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Step to the top of your mat. Come to Mountain Pose. Press your feet firmly into the floor, lift your crown to the ceiling, lengthen the back of your neck, roll your shoulders back and down, lift your sternum, and firm your legs.

Inhale, reach up, touch your palms, look up to your thumbs. Exhale, fold forward. Inhale, engage your navel, and lift up halfway in Ardha Uttanasana (Half Standing Forward Bend), fingertips to the floor.

A woman demonstrates a High Lunge in a full moon yoga practice
(Photo: Jon Glasmann)

High Lunge

Exhale, and step back with your left foot into a lunge. Inhale, reach your arms up, palms facing toward each other. Align your front knee over your ankle, sink further into your hips, and push through the back of your left heel. Lift your side waist, curl your upper back, and reach your arms back a little further.

A woman demonstrates a leaning lunge in a full moon yoga practice
(Photo: Jon Glasmann)

Leaning Lunge

Exhale, sweep your hands back behind you, bringing your chest parallel to your thigh. Bring your hands to prayer position, hands together at your heart, and lift through your navel.

 (Photo: Jon Glasmann)

Virabhadrasana III (Warrior Pose III)

Inhale, rise up to Warrior Pose III, lifting your left back leg, parallel to the floor. Flex your toes down and push through your heel. Stay strong in your posture and remain here for 2 full cycles of breath.

(Photo: Jon Glasmann)

Low Lunge with Prayer Hands

Exhale, take a long step back into a lunge, bring your hands to your heart, and gently release your back knee to the ground. Inhale, lift your chest.

(Photo: Jon Glasmann)

Revolved Low Lunge

Twist to the right, bringing your left elbow to your outer right thigh.

(Photo: Jon Glasmann)

Revolved Lunge

From your low lunge, lift your back leg. Twist a little deeper.

A woman demonstrates a revolved lunge in a full moon yoga sequence
(Photo: Jon Glasmann)

Place your left hand down underneath your left shoulder, reach your right arm up, and extend it alongside your right ear, pinky edge of your right hand facing towards the floor.

(Photo: Jon Glasmann)

Full Moon Variation

Release both hands to the mat, bring your back knee down, and extend your right leg straight back behind you, parallel to the floor. Firm your navel, reach your left hand forward, reaching like you are going to shake someone’s hand. Bend your back knee, rotate your left palm away from you, and reach back to grab the inside of your right foot. Kick your foot into your hand and pull your sternum forward, open your heart.

Slowly release. Option to take Full Moon or come to your cool down.

(Photo: Jon Glasmann)

Full Moon

Optional deeper variation. Come to Downward-Facing Dog. Bring your left heel to the mat and turn your toes slightly to the left. Come onto your left finger’s tips and press firmly into the mat with your right hand. Lift your right leg and bend your knee. Reach back with your left hand to grab the inside of your right foot and kick the foot back into the hand. Pull your heart forward. Slowly release and come back to Downward-Facing Dog.


Slowly release and find Balasana (Child’s Pose), your knees wide, toes together, forehead to the mat, arms alongside your ears. Return to your breath. Repeat the sequence on the other side.

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About our contributor

Tara Martell is a believer, spiritual mentor, energy medicine woman, intuitive, visionary, life coach, writer, master teacher, mom, yoga teacher, and yoga teacher-trainer. She has mentored numerous yoga students and teachers, co-wrote a yoga teacher training manual, and led international yoga retreats. She has spent the last two decades seeking, finding, and healing herself through yoga, spiritual work, and self-study. Follow her on Instagram @tt_1love.