Yoga Sequences

Sound and Silence

We can approach the making of our postures as a creative act, bringing
them to life with our breath and our intent, just like a musician brings
music to life. A musician sits in a silence that holds only the intent
to play before she brings the music up out of that silence with her
muscles and breath. The sounds of the music unfold through time until at
some point the musician lets the silence return. But the silence is
different, deeper. It holds more.

We start our poses from a place of
stillness. Our postures unfold through time as movements of flesh, bone,
and awareness as we move through many different patterns of being,
experiencing different aspects of who we can be, like the different
sounds of some internal orchestra. As in life and in music there is an
end to the process of a posture practice. Traditionally it is the pose
of stillness and silence: Corpse Pose.

In Savasana, we allow the sounds
of our postures to fade away. We temporarily give up our power to create
and set our instrument upon the ground. In the end all that remains is a
great flying stillness. An abiding glory nestled inside the sweet sound
of our breathing.

On your mat this week imagine that all your sensations
in the poses are actually sounds. From your lower body bring up the base
notes that come from the earth beneath you. With your chest and arms let
out the melody of your creative expression. Allow your head to be free,
flowing with the score, as you adjust, watch, and surrender to the
beauty of the music being created. Relax all your muscles. Imagine
yourself a musician in a great and sacred hall. Your time of play is
done. You are resting. All heads are bowed in reverence to the silence.