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YJ Gratitude Challenge: Heart-Is-Full Flow

For the times you need a physical prep for your gratitude practice, Kathryn Budig offers a meditative flow sure to make your heart feel full.

Commit to the YJ Gratitude Challenge and take a moment each morning this month to give thanks. Make your list, post it, share it, and tag us @yogajournal and #yjgratitudechallenge. We’ll show our appreciation for you by sharing our favorite reader posts on Thanksgiving Day. For the times you need a jumpstart for your gratitude practice, Kathryn Budig offers this freeing flow sure to make your heart feel full.

Like with meditation, sometimes you may need a physical prep for your gratitude practice. Let go of whatever is blocking your grateful state of mind in this free flow to the song “Heart Is Full” by Miike Snow.

Heart-Is-Full Flow

Repeat the moves to your own breath and rhythm for the duration of the song—or until you lose count and find yourself feeling connected.

The Song

The Sequence

Bowing Goddess Flow

Start with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Take a moment to let your body loosen up. Find some give in your knees, let your body sway with the music and feel the rhythm.

Once you’re connected to the beat (whatever rhythm suits you), inhale reach your arms overhead. Keep your arms lifted shoulder-width apart and exhale as you bend both of your knees into Goddess Pose. Keeping the squat, drop your hands to the ground as you extend your gaze and chest. Straighten your legs, keeping your hands on the ground and pulling yourself into a loose Standing Forward Fold. Roll up to stand.

Repeat this flow to your breath and rhythm. No need to count. Focus on feeling connected. Move on to the next slide when you’re ready to mix things up.

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Twisting Goddess Flow

Ready to add on to your flow? From Goddess Pose, place your hands on you thighs right above your knees. Press into your legs until your arms straighten and shoulders roll forward. Drop your right shoulder to the midline as you roll your left shoulder back. Take the time to feel it, get in there and get juicy. Come back through center and switch, dropping your left shoulder to the center. Continue to move back and forth as long as it suits you.

Alternate this move with the previous one for the duration of the song. In a grateful groove? Hit repeat and flow on.

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