How to Find Your Best Meditation Seat

Try these 3 poses to support your contemplative and meditative practices.
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A meditation practice offers many benefits, such as a calmer, clearer mind, increased self-awareness, and a lengthened attention span. Yoga asana practice helps you engage with your body, breath, mind, and emotions, preparing you to practice seated meditation. Even so, sometimes finding the meditative seat that truly works for you can take a little tinkering and maybe even a yoga prop or two. We've all seen pictures of blissful meditators in Padmasana (Lotus Pose) whose knees reach the floor or get quite close, even as their feet tuck into their inner thighs. This idealized seated posture, while lovely, isn't structurally available to many of us. The good news? A meditation seat that works for you is possible, especially if you're open to trying different variations. Here are three options to explore.

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