Special to YJ: Yoga Alliance’s Position on Government-Regulated Yoga

Yoga Alliance speaks out against new costs imposed on teacher training programs in Arkansas and Colorado.

YA speaks out against new costs imposed on teacher training programs in Arkansas and Colorado.

In recent months, Yoga Alliance has learned that state agencies regulating occupational education programs in Arkansas and Colorado are attempting to impose burdensome and costly new requirements on yoga teacher training (YTT) programs operating in those states. As the largest nonprofit trade association representing the yoga community in the U.S., we have mobilized to combat these unnecessary and onerous regulations.

In both states, we have been in frequent contact with our members to determine the impact of such regulations on their businesses and to encourage them to advocate against any new requirements. In Colorado, for example, the Division of Private Occupational Schools (DPOS) requires that each “regulated entity” complete and submit burdensome paperwork, and proposes to levy initial fees of approximately $2,000 on each YTT plus additional fees based on the number of course registrants. We are providing members with tools–compelling legal and policy arguments, guidance on how to talk to agency and elected officials, and resources to connect them with one another. Yoga Alliance also has communicated directly with state regulators and legislators to reaffirm our opposition to burdensome regulation.

Even as we engage in advocacy to prevent onerous new regulation in Arkansas and Colorado, we are closely monitoring similar nascent regulatory efforts in other states and will be prepared to activate in those states as necessary. Read more about our position.

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