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Yoga Journal Publishes Yoga for Fitness and Health -- a Newsstand Only Issue


Welcome to Yoga Journal's Yoga for Fitness and Health, a special issue available November 9th on newsstands nationwide, and online at

According to Yoga Journal's "Yoga in America" survey, the top reasons people practice yoga is to increase flexibility and build strength. Yoga for Fitness and Health shows readers how to do both, bringing balance and harmony to the body.

This special issue includes:

• Step-by-step instructions on basic strength-building poses, including Downward Dog, Dolphin, Standing Squat and Pushup Pose.
• Eight inspiring workouts people can practice at home.
• Articles on how to condition specific areas of the body including quadriceps, calves, glutes, shoulders, biceps, and the lower back.
• Poses that help build abdominal strength.
• Stories about how yoga can help you be happy in your skin, regardless of your size.

And because food is such an integral piece of the fitness puzzle, we've also included a few articles on how yoga can inspire people to eat better.

Contributors to this special issue include some of the most renowned yoga teachers in the country including Cyndi Lee, Ana Forrest, Natasha Rizopoulos, Patricia Walden, Shiva Rea and others.

Yoga Journal's previous special editions have sold over 100,000 copies each on newsstands. Yoga for Fitness and Health will be available at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Safeway, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Costco Canada and most airports, and online November 9th at The issue will retail for $8.99.

For more information contact:
Dayna Macy, 415-591-0729,