Press Releases Launches LiveMag

Yoga Journal today announced the launch of LiveMag (, a new online video channel featuring videos of the magazine’s most popular columns.

With LiveMag, Yoga Journal has taken the yoga sequences from its current March issue and brought them to life through video, enabling its audience to read about a yoga sequence or follow live instruction.

Every issue of LiveMag will feature the magazine’s most popular asana columns, including “Home Practice,” featuring a complete sequence of yoga poses you can do at home. LiveMag also features “Master Class,” the magazine’s most advanced yoga asana column, offering detailed instruction on how to work toward the featured advanced pose.

As a special bonus feature, the premiere issue will also include video of Sun Salutations, also featured in the current issue of the magazine.

“Livemag is a powerful web extension of our print magazine,” says Patricia Fox, Yoga Journal’s General Manager, “I don’t know that any other magazine is offering anything comparable. As the technology evolves, we expect LiveMag video to be embedded in a digital reader. With LiveMag, we are giving our readers exactly what they want in the format they want it in–an incomparable reading experience coupled with great live yoga instruction.”

“Being able to read through a Home Practice sequence and then follow along with a model demonstrating it on video is one of my dreams come true,” says Kaitlin Quistgaard, Yoga Journal’s Editor in Chief, who also introduces LiveMag’s first issue and will have an editor’s message in every issue. “And the ability to demonstrate the complex movements instructed in Master Class will be a phenomenal aid to yogis who enjoy developing the physical aspect of practice.”

LiveMag will be published 9 times a year, in tandem with the print issues of the magazine. In addition, expect regular audio and video bonuses including guided meditations, video interviews and more.

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