These Photos of Famous Yogis will Inspire You to Find Your Light

Photographer and world traveler Francesco Mastalia trains his lens on four renowned yogis to reveal their inner light.

Dharma Mittra
Francesco Mastalia

“The first step of yoga is to learn to see yourself in others—and to respect, to be reverent, and be compassionate to all beings. I wish everyone would learn [this]. It’s the best thing to contribute for world peace and to prepare one for self-knowledge.”


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Francesco Mastalia

“The experience of yoga is that of boundlessness or samadhi. The experience of going beyond the relative world into—there really is no word for it. In the Yoga Sutra, Patanjali tells us yoga is the cessation, or stopping, of the fluctuations of the mind.”


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Francesco Mastalia

“Life is a miracle. Right here, right now, is all that matters. In a second, in a minute, things change, and that is so exciting to experience. If I’ve helped you to light up your soul, dance like no one’s looking, laugh until you blissfully burst, sing out loud from the depths of your heart, or even cry tender, necessary tears, then I’m grateful to have made that connection.”


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Francesco Mastalia

“Our preeminent purpose is to realize that part of ourselves is timeless, [such] that we begin to act from love and create from a place of knowing a part of ourselves is unchanging and is eternal.”


Francesco Mastalia focuses his lens on world-renowned yogis to explore how the ancient practice has transformed their minds, bodies, and spirits. The resulting images, taken on glass plates (using a photographic technique from the 1850s) reveal each yogi’s embodiment of what he calls “divine inner light.”

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