Help Your Students Relax: 5 Hands-On Yoga Adjustments for Savasana - Yoga Journal

Help Your Students Let Go: 5 Hands-On Assists for Savasana

Senior AcroYoga teacher Deven Sisler and yoga teacher Britta Rael demonstrate 5 ways that hands-on assists can enhance the Savasana experience.

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We've all seen the shirts that say, “I am just here for the Savasana." Well, I like to say, "I am just here for the hands-on assists in Savasana." Touch is the first sense that we develop in utero, and a calm, supportive adjustment can aid relaxation during our final resting pose more than any other technique.

Teachers, be sure to ask for consent, as hands-on adjustments may have the opposite effect if they are unexpected or unwanted. Tell your students you would like to offer them an assist to help them find more ease in Savasana. Ask them to place a hand on their own belly if they would like to receive your touch. Or, you can instruct students who don't want any touch to fold over a corner of their mat or place a “do not assist” card next to their mat.

5 Hands-On Assists to Enhance Savasana

BEFORE YOU BEGIN Take 3 breaths of gratitude for the opportunity to give supportive, compassionate touch. Clear your energy and intention of any distraction so you can be completely present with each student.

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