5 Reasons Why 2-Way Live Streaming Yoga Is the Yoga of the Future

What if you could take a yoga class in the comfort of your home or office with a LIVE teacher, who sees you in real time the same way you see them? This is totally possible now with two-way live streaming yoga classes.

Streaming online yoga sites featuring pre-recorded videos are popular, but what if you could take a yoga class in the comfort of your home or office with a LIVE teacher who sees you in real time the same way you see them? This is totally possible now, and it provides a real alternative to brick-and-mortar yoga studios.

“We’re not trying to get rid of yoga studios,” says Chris Lucas, yoga teacher and co-founder of two-way live interactive yoga website Ompractice. “We’re just trying to get additional yoga on the planet.” 

Ompractice, which launched last summer, uses Zoom video conferencing technology that enables teachers to see students up close and personal via webcam, explains Lucas. There are a few other sites offering two-way interactive fitness and yoga classes, like Yogaia and Peloton, but Lucas says Ompractice’s technology and teaching method allow for an enhanced focus on the student.

“Our teachers are not practicing, and they can see and focus precisely on the student. The teacher is looking at you from their computer screen to yours. The teacher is paying attention to you and talking to you. You are seen,” says Lucas.

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How does Ompractice work? You look at the schedule online, pay for the class you want, and then you’re directed to join the video meeting. You see the teacher in his/her home or studio, and you can see the other students in the class. It’s a personal experience and can be even more intimate than a live class. From convenience to affordability, here are 5 ways Ompractice wants to change the yoga game with this obvious-but-wow concept. 

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5 Reasons Why 2-Way Live Streaming Yoga Is the Yoga of the Future

1. What you’ll love: Live teachers

With pre-recorded videos, you can’t interact with your teacher, ask questions, or get feedback and alignment suggestions from a trusted professional. You can get all of that with two-way live streaming. “We have a strong combination of convenience and quality,” Lucas explains. The teachers are screened, and only the best are allowed to teach. Also, during class, teachers can see every pose. They’ll cue you into the posture, and then they’ll address you directly to help you get into it and stay safe with good alignment. You’re always free to ask questions and get immediate answers and feedback from highly trained and experienced instructors.

2. What you’ll love: No commute

Whether you’re an Ompractice student or one of their teachers, you’ll have the best commute ever when you use this service. “You don’t have to take a half hour getting to the yoga studio and then another half hour getting home,” says Ompractice teacher Emily Wiadro, owner of healixyoga studio in Brattleboro, Vermont. “We allow you to have an experience in your home or office or on vacation. Wherever it’s convenient for you.” You can practice from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Park right in front of your screen instead of in a parking lot! 

3. What you’ll love: Convenient class times

While Ompractice doesn’t provide 24/7 access to pre-recorded video, classes are available seven days a week all through the day and even late at night. The company and the teachers keep adjusting the schedule to be available when students need them. Whether you’re on the East or West Coast or somewhere in between, you’ll find early morning, afternoon, evening, and late-night classes to fit your busy schedule. 

4. What you’ll love: Best prices

Where can you take a live yoga class with one-on-one feedback for $5? With Ompractice, it’s possible. Teachers set their own prices for their classes, and they tend to range from $5 to $15, with many landing at $10. Students want to practice more. Many teachers want to be teaching more. “We want to give everyone those opportunities,” Lucas says. “Wouldn’t it be great if you could practice three extra times a week?” Ompractice also offers an unlimited monthly membership for $65, which is considerably less expensive than most brick-and-mortar yoga studios. “We offer value, and quality for that value,” he adds.

5. What you’ll love: Well-treated teachers

As you may already know, it can be pretty difficult for yoga teachers to support themselves. Even teachers who lead 15 classes a week are often forced to take other jobs on the side to make ends meet. 

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At Ompractice, teachers set their own price per class, and they get a 75 percent cut while the company takes the other 25. Plus, teachers can do what they love from any quiet location where they can set up their computer, and they get to set their own schedule. “We’re not just talking about our commitment to teachers, we’re demonstrating it,” says Lucas. “We don’t do well unless teachers do well.”

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