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Business of Yoga

5 Ways To Successfully Rebrand Yourself as a Yoga Teacher

Changing directions in your career? YJ's Business of Yoga experts have tips for helping your community grow with you.

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How do you reposition yourself and the type of class you offer after you have refined your teaching? Specifically, how do you rebrand yourself to people who have formed a prior opinion?


Yoga Journal’s Business of Yoga Experts’ Advice:

It is not unusual for yoga teacher to start their careers by teaching a certain style, perhaps becoming known under a particular program, book, or event and then somewhere along the way come to realize it’s time to move onto a different path. Evolving and change are always positive if they are based on a desire for growth. The tricky part of changing directions is the potential for disappointing your current fans. Although some people may in fact choose to move away from you, based on your new direction, there are things you can do to help your community grow with you.

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5 Ways to Rebrand Yourself

1. Make your changes bold.

In terms of branding, for instance, you must be bold about the change, making it visible, notable, and exciting.

2. Integrate change across the board.

You must be in celebration mode for the change and try to hit multiple areas of your business with this change—even if the change doesn’t affect all of these areas. For instance, if you just decided that teaching a strong vinyasa flow 2/3 is not your priority anymore and that you now want to infuse your classes with more therapeutic teachings, you may change the name of some of your classes, to reflect that, and start addressing your new teachings in ALL of your classes.

3. Offer workshops and other programs to promote your new teachings.

Create a new workshop to promote your new type of yoga and develop a brand-new signature gift that speaks to that.

4. Update your brand across platforms.

Your social media and website should display new cover photos and messaging to help your current students feel excited with the change.

5. Inspire your students to follow you in a new direction.

Give them great content, get them inspired, and give them a clear call to action so they engage with this new phase of your business, learning and growing with you.

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Get More Rebranding Tips In the Video

Remember, not everyone will follow, but that’s part of the process. We grow, they grow, and we all win, even if the paths are no longer merged.

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Justin Michael Williams is a vibrant public speaker, musician, and successful yoga instructor who travels the globe training the conscious community to thrive in marketing, media, and business. He has spearheaded the marketing development and social media of over 150 brands, both large and small, including, Sianna Sherman, Ashley Turner, Noah Mazé, and more. He is also the Co-Founder of the Business of Yoga, LLC and hosts Yoga Business Retreats around the world, helping yoga teachers flourish in business. By using his expertise to coach individuals and nonprofits, Justin works to spread positivity and inspire change throughout the social web. See more at


Karen Mozes is a successful entrepreneur, executive and life coach, and leadership expert. She brings to the world of transformational coaching, writing and public speaking her many years of dedicated studies and application in the fields of science, eastern philosophy, teaching and yoga. With several years of work experience in the corporate world and then as a principal at a sustainability consulting firm, Karen is uniquely suited to coach in business management, communication techniques and team leadership. Karen has created and successfully applied her own coaching programs, the Cinco Method (for entrepreneurs) and Team Climate Change (for design teams) across a wide range of sectors and company sizes. Karen is also the co-founder of the Business of Yoga LLC and its popular program, the Yoga Business Retreat. For more, visit