Ask the Experts: How Can I Make My Studio Stand Out?

With so many yoga studios popping up around the country, it can be hard to find the competitive edge against other businesses in town. Here's how to stand out.
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How can I help my yoga studio stand out in a crowded market?

First, identify and communicate your studio’s core values. The more clearly defined these values, the more coherent the marketing message will be. For instance, if your studio aims to promote the arts, advertise that you’re donating the proceeds from particular classes to a nonprofit that focuses on afterschool art programs.

A second strategy: Demonstrate authentic interest in your students by fostering community. Students come to a studio to feel connection: It’s not just about you knowing your students; it’s also about your students knowing one another. At least once a month, host an event outside the classroom where students can congregate and chat, like a post-class tea party or craft-kombucha night. Promote it at least two weeks in advance by posting flyers in your studio, reminding students after class, and personally inviting particularly shy students. When students feel connected to the studio community, they’ll recommend the studio to friends and family—and the best marketing comes from a trusted source.
—Karen Mozes and Justin Michael Williams
Co-founders, Business of Yoga presented by Yoga Journal, Santa Monica, California, and New York City, respectively

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