Q&A: How Do I Balance Motherhood and Teaching?

Gurmukh offers advice for balancing parenthood with teaching yoga.
kid in bed with mom doing yoga

Q: I would love to see more information about teachers who are also parents. How do I better balance my personal practice, teaching, and family responsibilities? ——Anonymous

Read Gurmukh's reply:

Dear Anonymous,

How to achieve balance in a full life is a good question!

As yoginis and humans, we are made up of earth, air, water, fire, and ether. To keep in balance, check yourself out. For instance, if you tend to be spacey, bring more earth into your life. Too fiery (too angry or cannot sleep at night), bring more water into your life. Too caught up in the details of your earth-plane life, bring in more ether through more meditation. Check your life out by the elements. When they are not in balance, we do not feel good. They are your barometer of health, happiness, and energy.

Here is an amazing 11-minute meditation that will help balance the five elements in your body. See if you can get up before your family and do it every morning.