Breathing Easy

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Dear Carrie,

Aside from physically manipulating the septum with her own fingertips in nadi shodhana Pranayama, there is not much we can do for restoring the deviation. However, a good craniosacral therapist could be of great value in resetting the sphenoid bone and relieving any stress in the bones of the skull as well. I believe that we must use all available resources to help our students, and not be fixated on asana. After all, as my teacher, Sri Aurobindo pointed out, “All life is yoga.”

Teach your student how to cleanse the nasal cavity with a neti pot, purified water and a little sea salt (not rock salt). This will ease the congestion from the deviation, and it may even ease her breathing.

Ask your student to avoid all foods that increase mucus even slightly—all dairy, wheat, and sugar, for example. This will help keep her sinuses clear as well.

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