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Business of Yoga

10 Essential Tips for Better Yoga Business Contracts

Teachers, here's what you need to know about contracts. Business law expert Gary Kissiah lays out the essentials smart contracts include.

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We were so delighted to have had the chance to interview Gary Kissiah at a recent Yoga JournalLIVE! Gary has a great talent in sharing legal advice with the yoga community in an easy-to-digest way. Having helped many teachers and studio owners, he is highly qualified to share key insights on all things legal in the yoga business. Since we, as your Business of Yoga experts, are not legally qualified to make statements around accounting, contracts, insurance, or legal and financial advice, we took this opportunity to get Gary’s insight on a topic that is essential for the success and peace of mind of everyone in the yoga business: agreement contracts between studios and teachers.

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What Yoga Teachers Need to Know About Business Contracts

Why would we spend time on this topic? Unfortunately, we have seen many teachers lose great friendships and a lot of money and time over misunderstood and oftentimes, highly avoidable, expectations. Contracts are the healthiest form of legal protection a studio and teacher should have. And a great contract is one in which all essential items are listed, discussed, agreed, and executed.

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What Every Yoga Business Contract Needs

First know that a contract does not need to include everything in it, but it does need to include the fundamental details that will protect both parties and reduce the number of wrongful assumptions and unmet expectations. Gary shares with us the 10 must-have items on your contracts, and we discuss why on each of these in the video. These logistics will allow teachers and studios to operate with the peace of mind they should embody as examples of a solid yoga practice.

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Watch the Video: 10 Essential Tips for Yoga Contracts

Don’t miss this interview. Take detailed notes and look for these items every time you sign a contract moving forward. Taking the time to learn these key business tips will make the rest of your journey more peaceful and enjoyable.

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Justin Michael Williams is a vibrant public speaker, musician, and successful yoga instructor who travels the globe training the conscious community to thrive in marketing, media, and business. He has spearheaded the marketing development and social media of over 150 brands, both large and small, including, Sianna Sherman, Ashley Turner, Noah Mazé, and more. He is also the Co-Founder of the Business of Yoga, LLC and hosts Yoga Business Retreats around the world, helping yoga teachers flourish in business. By using his expertise to coach individuals and nonprofits, Justin works to spread positivity and inspire change throughout the social web. See more at


Karen Mozes is a successful entrepreneur, executive and life coach, and leadership expert. She brings to the world of transformational coaching, writing and public speaking her many years of dedicated studies and application in the fields of science, eastern philosophy, teaching and yoga. With several years of work experience in the corporate world and then as a principal at a sustainability consulting firm, Karen is uniquely suited to coach in business management, communication techniques and team leadership. Karen has created and successfully applied her own coaching programs, the Cinco Method (for entrepreneurs) and Team Climate Change (for design teams) across a wide range of sectors and company sizes. Karen is also the co-founder of the Business of Yoga LLC and its popular program, the Yoga Business Retreat. For more, visit