6 Yoga Teachers' Secrets for Maintaining Vital Energy

Teaching yoga can be draining. Here, six successful instructors share their personal wellness tips, tricks, and routines for maintaining energy.
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Six successful yoga teachers share their personal wellness tips, tricks, and routines for maintaining their vital energy with busy schedules.

It can take a lot of energy to be a successful yoga teacher. With public classes, private clients, workshops, teacher trainings, international retreats, and life’s other responsibilities, it’s important to learn how to maintain your vital energy. One thing to remember is that every person is different and there’s no silver bullet to beat stress. It’s often a combination of things that help busy yoga teachers balance their mental and physical health.

TeachersPlus asked some of our favorite teachers what they do to maintain their vital energy. Steal their best tips!

6 Yoga Teachers' Energy Secrets

1. Sigrid Matthews

“I rise early, drink water with lemon before coffee, meditate, do cardio training for 30 to 45 minutes, and practice yoga for 45 minutes to an hour every day. I take classes outside of my private practice 2 to 3 times per week.”

2. Ai Kubo

“Moderation is the key for health. Although my life is more than full (with a full-time job, yoga teaching and being a mom of two children), I try not to be a perfectionist which helps manage stress. I try to practice yoga (asana and meditation) daily even though it is sometimes just 5 minutes. I try to grow my own vegetables and eat sustainably sourced food, but without being too neurotic about sticking to certain strict diet. We enjoy life fully and I believe it is key for health and happiness.”

3. Annie Okerlin

“My morning and generally evening practice is pranayama. The last 5 years have led me into staying and settling into meditation after I'm finished with the breath practice. I move my body daily and get upside down with delighted abandon at least a few times a day. I have been vegan for almost a year and still am ridiculously excited how vital and energetic I have been since shifting into it!”

4. Derek Beres

“I work out six days a week, mixing cardio, high-intensity interval training with equipment like VIPR, sandbells, TRX, and kettlebells. I also enjoy hiking, swimming, and of course yoga. As a vegetarian I pay close attention to my diet as well, and meditation is key in dealing with my emotions.”

5. Dan Nevins

“I maintain my health and vitality with a consistent meditation and yoga practice, together with a well rounded diet that includes animal proteins. My one secret to wellness, is to love and accept my body...to treat not only my physical body, but also my mind like the divine creation it was intended to be. Just as I wouldn't pollute my gut with horrible things, I also keep my mind free of drama, doubt, and worry.”

6. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

“My daily sadhana included at least 30 minutes of yoga, at least 10 minutes of meditation, and convening with communities of support with women who self-identity as Women of Color.”

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