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Read Marla Apt's response:

Dear Anonymous,

The teacher training program that you choose should be based on what you practice and thus what you teach.

Perhaps there is a way for you to delve deeper into the traditions that have inspired and supported you thus far. If there are no systematic teacher training programs that are available to you within the method that you practice, ask if your teacher would be willing to mentor you. You may be able to observe his or her classes for a period of time and then begin assisting, then ultimately have the opportunity to teach occasionally in front of your teacher. It is possible to become an excellent yoga teacher without enrolling in a teacher training program.

Ultimately, learning yoga involves a relationship between a teacher and a student, and in order for you to progress as a yoga practitioner to the point that you are able to teach, you need to connect with a teacher on a regular basis. If nobody is available to you, it is worth your time and effort to travel to regularly be in the presence of a teacher who will work with you over time.