Q&A: How Can I Deepen My Students' Savasana?

"I've been teaching yoga for quite a while, but feel I'd like to take my students to a deeper level."

Q: I've been teaching yoga for quite a while, but now feel I'd like to take my students to a deeper level. What can I do with Savasana (Corpse Pose) and meditation at the end of the yoga class to create a deeper experience? <i>&mdash Kelly</i>

Read Aadil's reply:

 Dear Kelly,

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I'm delighted that you aspire to move your teaching from the mundane to the sublime. It is my prayer that all yoga teachers will someday want this.

The heart center is where the soul makes its home in the physical body. So during Savasana, remind your students to draw their mental energy (the thinking process and the faculty of analysis) into their heart center. They should feel as if they are looking within, listening within, and feeling within. Then, ask them to move their passions, their urges, their desires—all of which live in the pelvic area—up toward the heart center. By releasing thoughts and desires to the wisdom of our inner heart, we begin the process of searching for our own spirit's guidance in our lives. These twin practices are at the foundation of Purna Yoga.

At the end of Savasana, when your students sit up, remind them that yoga is about living life from the heart. Counsel them to spend a couple of minutes, two or three times a day, going within themselves as I have just described, each aspiring to live life from their soul's guidance.