Get Your Groove Back

Nicki Doane

I graduated as a yoga teacher in 2006 and have taught fairly steadily since then, except for the past eight months. I want to start again, but I'm feeling scared about it and uncertain about my calling to teaching. My own practice is definitely suffering since I haven't been teaching, and I'm aware of the sense of something lacking. Any advice or suggestions are very, very welcome.

Read Nicki Doane's response:

Dear Monica,

It sounds to me like you need a jolt of inspiration to reignite your passion for teaching. It might be nice to take a yoga retreat with a teacher you admire and respect. It would be a great way to get back into your own practice and might give you the confidence you need to get back into teaching. The best preparation for teaching is a solid practice.

Remember that teaching is truly about service, and that we as yoga teachers are blessed to be able to share what we have learned. The ancient texts have said that if we have something valuable and true to teach humankind and we don't do it, we are cursed! I don't mean to be dramatic, but you know what I mean. Get out there and share your gifts with the world!