Guiding Students with Osteoporosis


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Dear Heather,

Yes, your student can do poses that require her hands to bear weight. However, you must take some very obvious precautions. For the first few months, she should place only a little weight on her wrists and hands. Then, as the bones get used to taking weight and start to harden, take a little more weight. Progress slowly and carefully in this manner, not letting her take sudden weight on the hands and wrists.

Also make sure that she places her hands on the floor very carefully, fully stretching the fingers away from the palms and making sure that all parts of the hands are firmly and evenly pressing the floor. Ask your student to spread her fingers and thumbs away from each other so that her hands look like the spokes of a wheel, and have her tighten all the muscles in her forearm to strengthen the wrist.

As a nutritional tactic, advise her to eliminate all dairy except organic yogurt (uncultured milk contains phosphorous, which depletes calcium absorption in the body). She can also add a high-quality calcium-magnesium-vitamin A-vitamin-D supplement to her diet. Finally, she should increase the number of green leafy vegetables she eats, since they are rich in highly assimilable calcium.

By the way, making a fist is fine as well. Do not worry about the congestion issue; this applies only to long and angry fist-gripping.

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